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If you’ve taken an interest in the world of vaping, but have yet to dive in, you’re unlikely to be familiar with what those little vials the vapers you see are dripping into the tanks on their e-cigarette. Colloquially known as ‘E-Liquid’ or ‘Juice’, those little vials contain one of two varieties of oil infused with delicious flavours and a concentration of nicotine that fits the user. When you start getting into the world of vaping, the first thing you’re going to want to get familiar with is the broad variety of flavour experiences available from E-Liquids.

Pulp E-Liquid 

(Pulp E-Liquid, one of the e-cigarette liquid favourites sold at Smoke Purer)

Propylene Glycol, just what is it actually?

This is by far the most popular of the two juice bases available for e-liquids, being light and flowing and carrying no flavour of its own it is the perfect base for carrying flavour and nicotine to the recipient. Its lack of viscosity also means you won’t be having to worry about it gumming up the works of your vaper as quickly as vegetable glycerine. It’s only real drawback is that it’s a strong humectant, drying out your mouth and throat if used consistently. In every other way it is, in most vaper’s opinion, the superior carrier fluid for your vaping experience.

So why would someone choose to use vegetable glycerine over the supposedly superior Vegetable Glycerin? The biggest reason is a sensitivity that some people have to it that can range from mild to severe. When you first start out using PG, take note if you experience any symptoms like mouth ulcers, headaches, nausea, sputum and phlegm, and in severe cases numbness of the face and tongue and hives.

If you have any of these symptoms, first make sure you have yourself checked out, and then it’s time to make the change to vegetable glycerin

Vegetable Glycerin? What’s that?

Well, to begin with Vegetable Glycerin is a rich, sweet, and heavy liquid that is derived from vegetables, making it safe for most all users. Used in the food and cosmetic industries, it’s a completely sugar free substance that isn’t processed like sugar in the body, despite its sweetness. One of the benefits it carries over PG is how smooth it is when vapourised and inhaled. Some people report a harsher vape from PG, and thus greatly prefer VG or a VG heavy blend.

It does have the drawback of, being a heavier substance, being more prone to gumming up your atomizer faster than PG, so if you decide to use VG or a blend, be prepared to have to clean your vaper more often.

The Combo Platter

As mentioned above, you will often find that a standard liquid mixture is actually a blend of these two substances, attempting to bring the best of both worlds to vapers everywhere. For those without PG sensitivities, this supplies the clean burning, great tasting experience of Propylene Glycol with the rich, smooth throat hit of VG. The blends vary widely, with a 30VG/70PG blend being among the most popular from retailers. For the truly adventurous, all of the supplies necessary to make your own blend, from the fluids themselves, to the flavour and nicotine additives that will help tailor it specifically to your tastes are available to the average consumer. Do take care though, you can make yourself very sick by getting pure nicotine on your skin, so mix with gloves, and mix with care.

Five Pawns E-Liquid

(Five Pawns, US made e-cigarette liquids, also sold in our e-liquid collection)

So there you have it, the two substances that make up the foundation of your vaping adventure. Whether you’re just getting started or have been vaping for years, it always pays to mix things up and experiment to discover the best PG/VG blend and flavour for you. Speaking of mixing, be sure to get together at vape café’s and online forums to share your methods and mixes with other vaping enthusiasts everywhere!

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