E-Cigarettes: What Are They and How Do They Work?

You see them everywhere these days, these odd looking devices that people are drawing on and releasing clouds of vapor like a contented Smaug on his hoard. Whatever the case, we’re here to shed some light on E-Cigarettes and vaping, and how you can get started.

What is Vaping?

Vaping is the newest trend in nicotine consumption, and also in breaking the smoking habit. The term describes the pleasurable sensation of inhaling the vapour of atomised oils that contain flavours and a measure of nicotine. The scope of options available to vapers is part of what makes it so popular, with a broad range of flavours and strengths available at a growing number of “vaping shops” and retailers around the country.

People everywhere are getting on this trend, including those looking for a more socially acceptable method of taking in nicotine, to those trying to break the habit. The ability to decide just how much nicotine you get with each inhale is a powerful new option for everyone. When you add in the option of getting special mixes of flavours ranging from simple vanilla, all the way to Blueberry Muffin and rich chocolate, there’s really no way to compare this experience to any other.

What is a Vaper?

A vaper is a personal vaporiser, a device that uses a heating coil to convert a substance, in this case a flavourful nicotine suspension oil, into a breathable vapour to be enjoyed by the vaper. E-Cigarettes or “vapers” come in a broad range of styles and sizes, from sleek, simple disposable ones that bear a strong resemblance to the cigarettes they serve to replace, to odd boxy contraptions that look less like a cigarette and more like a whole pack, based on the battery.

Anatomy of a “Vaper”

Electronic Cigarette Battery: The power source for your vaping device, this is most commonly a cylindrical screw on attachment that attaches to the tank. The simplest of them have one setting, but most have an adjustable portion that alters the strength and volume of vape produced with each pull.

Nitecore Battery

(nitecore charger and battery - one of the many popular e-cig batteries amongst vapours)

E-Cigarette Cartridges: Colloquially known by cartridges, atomizers, or carts, these are the holding tanks for your fluid or ‘juice’. They come in two varieties, the refillable ‘tanks’ which allow you to swap out and mix the flavors and strengths of your experience, and ‘cartridges’ which are prefilled disposable tanks. In cartridges the atomizer is built in.

Atomizer: This is where the magic happens, when you press the button and inhale, the atomizer is charged and turns that delicious juice into vapour which you then luxuriantly inhale.

(aspire k1 ego starter kits, a popular choice amongst Smoke Purer's customers)

So that’s it in a nutshell, the newest growing trend in luxury nicotine consumption. Everywhere you go, online and locally, you’ll be able to find vaping suppliers cropping up everywhere. Vaping has also been making moves towards being a largely social experience, with ‘Vaping Café’s’ showing up everywhere. In these establishment you’re able to select from a menu of juices and share your experiences with other vapers from every walk of life.

With vaping you never have to settle for the same old cigarette, you can change up your flavours as often as you want to keep the experience fresh and enjoyable every time. Ready to give this new experience a try? Pop in to one of your local shops, check out resources on the internet, or walk up and ask one of those folks with the (no-longer) strange devices and strike up a conversation. As mentioned, vapers have a tendency towards being social, and love talking about their favorite hobby.

If you have any questions or want to know a bit further about electronic cigarettes, why don't you get in touch with us or email us at info@smokepurer.com!

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