Reward Points Explained

Welcome to Reward Points by Smoke Purer, our way of giving back to you, thanking you for your loyalty and custom with Smoke Purer.

Every time you purchase a product with Smoke Purer, you earn ‘Reward Points’ with us. This in turn can then be used on the Smoke Purer website as ‘currency’ to spend against your future purchases.

Each Smoke Purer Reward point you earn is worth 10p.

For every £1 spend with us, you’ll earn 1 point (10p).

Here’s a little break down of how you can earn points straight away with Smoke Purer to start your point collecting!

Get 1 point for every Product review you leave on our website* 10p per review left!

*All Product reviews are quality checked and referenced against actual purchases made on our website to avoid review spamming and policy infringement of the Reward Points system. Please note we reserve the right to refuse any false product review added to our website. Any orders placed using a discount code will not credit reward points to the account in use.

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