E-Cigarettes for Beginners: Putting on the Vaping Wheels

So it’s finally time for you to dive into the world of vaping, but you don’t know where to start? Batteries, voltages, tank sizes, atomisers, cartomisers, clearomisers, it all sounds like some kind of foreign language when you’re first getting your feet wet. So what’s a beginner to do? It’s likely you started with a mini-cig, the vapers that for all the world look like a small plastic cigarette with an LED light on them. For those who get the bug, it isn’t long before this mild-mannered replacement isn’t enough for them, and with the great big world of batteries, big vapes, and mods, who can blame them?

(Aspire Starter Kits - a nice piece of e-cigarette starter kit to begin your vaping journey)

It’s All About That Base: Atomizers, Cartomizers, and Clearomizers

The foundation of your e-cigarettes is going to be the atomizer, and each of the three items listed in the headline contain one. Atomisers are nice, and can provide a clear strong flavour from your fluids, but they come with their own problems, including a tendency towards being messy and tricky to use.

Cartomisers are old tech and have the drawback, for some, of being disposable. If you’re looking to swap out your flavours and juices then a cartomiser isn’t going to be the best option. On the other hand, they’re easy to use, have the atomiser built in, and are easily available for just about any variety of e-cig.

Clearomisers are the crème de la crème of the vaping tank world. These devices are clear so you can see how much fluid you have left (helping you prevent a mouthful of burnt taste by attempting to pull on an empty tank) and the ability to mod them with additional coils and bigger tanks. Once you’ve selected your preference, it’s time for the aspiring vaper to select a battery.

Boost Your Ego: The Ego Style Battery and You

The ego style of battery is often the first investment of the beginning vaper looking to advance. With its recognisable style, a lot of manufacturers have hopped on the bandwagon and the competition has made them quite affordable. Larger than the cigarette replicas mentioned above, they come in a variety of lengths and sizes ranging from about the size of your pinkie to as large as a Cuban cigar.

KangerTech E-Smart

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One of the best features of these batteries is them being largely inconspicuous, especially compared to the big boxy batteries that we’ll talk about later. Add in that they’re available with all the features, including the variable voltage option that allows you to customise your vaping experience by controlling the volume and richness of the vapour you inhale.

Next: Getting a Beautiful Mod

Innokin MOD starter kits

(Innokin MOD Starter Kit)

Mods are some of the more advanced features for the truly aspiring vaper. They come in a huge variety of options, including those with removable batteries. Once you’ve gotten started with a simpler device, you may find that you want to move onto something more diverse, if so, remember to dig in and do your research as some mods have special instructions for safety. It’s not nice to mess with Tesla’s favourite subject without knowing what you’re doing.

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