Electronic Cigarette Batteries: Know How to Power Your Experience

The first word in the description gives it all away, vaping is a battery powered experience. While the concept may sound simple, there’s actually quite a bit to know about e-cigarette batteries, and a surprising diversity among them in both mAh ratings and thread styles.

Considering that the capabilities of the battery you purchase can have a dramatic effect on your experience, it’s important to know as much about them as possible. The ability to alter the strength of your vape, battery life to keep you puffing, and the overall strength can all play important factors in making your time spent vaping pleasurable.

What is the mAh ratings on E-Cig Batteries?

Easily one of the most important ratings available on an e-cigarette, the mAh, or ‘milliampere-hour’ is an indication of just how much power a battery can provide before its time for a recharge. For example, a 500mAh battery can provide 500 milliamperes continuously for one hour before it is completely exhausted. The good news for most vapers is that this level is only depleted when the button to power the atomiser is depressed.

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So how exactly does the savvy vaper translate this value into actual smoke time? It starts by knowing the power rating of your particular e-cigarette, or in those cases where you have a variable e-cigarette, where you have your rating set. After that it’s getting an idea for how you personally vape. If you’re a chain vaper, sending out puffs of delicious vapour every few seconds like a steam-train, your e-cigarette may only last you an hour. A more conservative vaper may find their e-cigarette lasting them all day, or even longer for the occasional vaper.

There are calculators online that can provide a more accurate equation, but your best bet is to experiment and always have a back-up.  Eventually you’ll learn what the right power battery is for you, and how your vaping habits affect its lifetime.

What is battery threading?

Battery threading is pretty much precisely what it says on the tin, how your battery threads into your cartridge or tank.  There are a few standardised types of threading, with 510 and KR808D-1/E-8 being the most common. In layman’s terms, 510 threading has the female threading on the battery, with the tank threads being male, while KR808D-1/E-8 (KR8 for short) are threaded the opposite way. Certain brands, such as eGo, Riva, and VGo have 510 threads along with an additional male outer threading for cones or a bigger atomiser/cartomiser.

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Outside of these two, being the most common, there are four other styles of thread out there. While obviously each is either male or female, the most important difference here is in diameter. When you’re shopping for a new battery, it pays to know this information so your new power source will work with your favorite vaping device.

  • 801 – The 801 is a 9mm size female threading and is also known as the Penstyle, DSE901, DSE508, DSE568, KR808-D, KR808-D1, and RN4075
  • 901 – This one is 8mm with male threading, and is also known as the DSE901, DSE508, DSE568, KR808-D, KR808-D1, and RN4075
  • 4081 – An 8mm female bore known also as the DSE103 and RN4081
  • E9 – A bit of an oddball with 7.5mm male bore, this threading is also known as the KR808-D2 and V0

That’s your basic introduction to vaping batteries, keep in mind that there are also variable varieties that allow you to set the strength of the atomisers charge, allowing you to alter the overall feel and experience of your vape.

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