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Mechanical MODs

Is it time you got into mods of the mechanical variety?

Mods are not for the new to vaping, those individuls who have just switched to e-cigs from smoking are advised to serve their time with starter kits before they unleash the mod boxes and their mechanical powers.

If you’ve done your research and you are ready to take the next step, welcome! Because they’re not powered by electronic components, mods that are mechanical tend to be more durable, which is great news even before you take into account the other benefits of using mods that are mechanical.

Use a mod box that’s mechanical for sub ohm vaping and you’ll unlock bigger clouds and better taste that can be customised to meet your preferences. If you do intend to sub-ohm vape, don’t forget to make sure your mod is vented to allow heat to escape.

Browse the range of beasts and beauties in our range, including 18350 mods, 18650 mods, 22650 mods, hybrid and telescopic mods, all manufactured by trusted brands.

Need some help putting together the right mod box kit for you? Our customer service advisers will be happy to guide you through the ins and outs of the products in our range or you can head over to our mechanical mods kits collection. Order online with Smoke Purer today and along with FREE UK delivery, you’ll receive points to redeem against future purchases.

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Mechanical MODs
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