Atomisers, Cartomisers, Clearomisers - What Are the Differences?

Electronic Cigarettes are a creature all unto themselves, and learning the ins and outs of them can be a little confusing for the new vaper. Here we’re going to take a look at one of the essential elements of the e-cigarettes, the atomiser and all its permutations. By the time we’re done, you’ll have a fully functioning understanding of your device, and how to select which of these three is right for you and your vaping pleasure.

Kangertech Aerotank

(KangerTech Aerotank, a well-known atomiser brand amongst vapers)


Within your device is an electric coil that draws power from the battery, using the resistance of electricity passing through it to generate heat and warm up your liquid to the point of vapourisation. A standard atomiser has a wick that controls the flow of juice to it, allowing the liquid to burn steadily for long sessions of vaping. In this process there is nothing separating the hot coil from the liquid, ensuring that you get the strongest flavour while staying at a comfortable temperature.

The downside to this method of vaping is a sticky residue that is often left behind due to the direct contact between the coil and the liquid. It’s also possible to flood the vape with liquid causing a significant mess. With care and experience you’ll be able to determine the perfect balance of oil to create a clean, perfect vaping experience.


As the name implies, the clearomiser is entirely transparent, allowing you to see precisely how much juice remains in your tank. As continuing to attempt to vape once the liquid is gone can result in an unpleasant burning aroma, this tank helps you to mitigate that by knowing visually when it’s time for a refill. Another benefit of the clearomiser is the varying tank size, with larger tanks available to ensure that you get a good long vaping session between refills.

The aforementioned burnt aroma can still occur if you allow the wick to get dry, but this is situation is easily resolved by tilting the tank until the wick is once again saturated with oil, or by applying more liquid to the tank.

For advanced users there is the possibility of adding multiple coils to produce larger clouds of vapour, or switching out which style of wick you use to one that suits your vaping style and preference. Since most clearomisers come equipped with their own atomisers, you may occasionally have to replace it if it burns out. This has been accommodated by manufacturers by making the atomiser head easy to snap off and replace.


Old tech primarily associated with outdated equipment and low quality E-Cigs, the cartomiser still exists in good standing due to some useful features. Like a clearomiser, cartomisers have both coil and tank, but the process by which juice is delivered to the coil is slightly different. The cartomiser is packed with a poly-fill material that by and large makes the cartomiser impossible to refill. There are methods to do so in spite of this, but they are both messy and unlikely to provide an additional positive experience for the user. The biggest problem being that it’s impossible to get flavours from previous uses completely out of the fill, followed by the tendency for long used cartomisers to develop bacterial growth. Better by far to simply toss it out and replace it when the time comes.

What is Atomiser Resistance and How Does it Work?

Since all of the above contain atomisers, atomiser resistance will be relevant to all of them. Once the experienced vaper moves beyond the simple electronic cigarettes often available at local retailers, and into the customisable systems such as eGo’s and other mods, it’s time to start thinking about Ohm resistance. Atomiser resistance affects the heat the coil produces based on the voltage of the selected battery.

Using a resistance higher than that recommended by any given vaper can produce a less impressive vapour, while those with low resistance are ideal for those wanting a thick vapour with a strong throat hit. The peril of low resistance devices is the increased likelihood of a burnt taste caused by factors such as increased heat.

Research into this topic will provide you with the ideal atomiser resistance for your vaping preferences. That’s the basics of atomiser resistance and the different type of ‘isers, so get out there and start amping up your vape experience!

If you still have questions after reading the above, why don't you get in touch with us? Go on, we won't bite. Much. 

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